“And the Lord said to Joshua, Do not fear them; for I have delivered them into your hand: not a man of them shall stand before you.” –Joshua 10: 8

The tenth chapter of the Book of Joshua records a tremendous miracle. Joshua and the children of Israel were summoned by their friends the Gibeonites who needed help in battle. Five armies opposed them. The odds were overwhelming but God intervened. He sent hailstones to decimate their enemies. More warriors were killed by hail than by swords. Amazing!  And when Joshua prayed for more time God made the sun stand still.

Consider the power!

The same God who helped Joshua and the children of Israel is our ally today. He quelled Joshua's fears with a promise of deliverance. He will do the same for us. Nothing is impossible with God (Luke 1:37). Faith in the Creator of the Universe will destroy all your worries and overcome all your woes. Pray with confidence, knowing He wil carry the load today.



  • Donna asks that we please pray that her granddaughter Mariah is miraculously healed of a very aggressive form of cancer.  She is the single mom of a four-year-old son. Ask that the Lord will grant her more years with her little boy. Pray too that Donna’s eye surgery goes well.

  • Please pray for Nadine’s 16-year-old niece who is really out of control and needs help. She has a sentencing today. Ask that God’s will be carried out by those in authority and that she yields to the call of the Holy Spirit and turns her life over to Jesus.

  • Pray for Becca Brown’s mom Patty. She’s been having some health issues and was unable to travel to Canada after Becca’s surgery. The Brown family will be coming to visit her soon, please pray that doctors are able to find the nature of her health problems and treat them effectively so she will be able to enjoy her family.

  • Praise the Lord! A while back we prayed for a couple in urgent need of God’s healing hand. Their marriage was in desperate shape. Now they are getting marriage counseling and seem to be moving to a better place relationally. Continue to pray that Jesus would be the center of their home and that they would both make Him Lord of their lives.

The following are anonymous requests:

  • I’ve recently been getting out of a dark spot in my spiritual life and I am doing good right now, but please pray that I would get good support in my Christian walk and continue to grow closer to the Lord.

  • Please pray for me to get more work hours and a better place to live soon.

  • A woman in our church family is an Uber driver who was recently assaulted by a passenger. Pray that the police are able to find the man and bring him to justice. Praise the Lord for helping the woman overcome fear and continue to do the work God has given her. She is often able to share the love of Jesus with her passengers and was even able to pray with a passenger earlier on the day of the assault. Pray that she will continue to live in the full armor of God and replace fear with faith in the Great Protector. Please join her in praying for many divine appointments as she continues to witness about her faith.