Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for peace for us while our grandson Matt is in Vegas with his mommy until Wednesday. Pray his eyes see no evil.

  • Pray for Rebecca and her team ministering in Cambodia to girls rescued from sex trafficking.

  • Pray for my dear friend Jesse who is going through a difficult divorce. His wife is using the kids to lay guilt and shame on him. He has started drinking again and is hurting.

  • Pray for Robert whose cancer has come back. He’s on radiation. Pray for healing.

  • Pray for our jobs, that the Lord would use us for His glory.

  • Please pray for my nephew. He is keeping away from family and his personality has changed. He seems to be controlled by his girlfriend. He needs to know Jesus and so does she.

  • Please pray for my niece and her daughter. Her ex is making problems.

  • Please take the pain from my husband. He has suffered over 6 years. Also, Father, please help the doctors who will be operating on me. Direct their hands.

  • Please pray for my sister and my father. I pray the Lord would help her to take better care of herself, she serves others first always.