Daily Prayer Requests

  • Tom asks just for general prayer.

  • Please pray for Marianne who needs to move into an assisted living home because her health has deteriorated. Please pray for those helping her during this transition to hear God‘s discernment and wisdom regarding what’s best for her. Pray also for finances, strength, and His timing for clearing out her home as she’s a hoarder. Her current living situation is about to come to an end, so this all has to happen quickly. She doesn’t have all the funds she needs on her own, so we are asking friends and family for help. She is lost and depressed without her dog, but it’s too expensive to keep her in the facility.

  • Pray for me for mental stability through all the weather changes.

  • Andrea just gave birth to a little girl who was flown to a children’s hospital because of a life-threatening heart condition. The condition was a surprise, and Andrea is hysterical right now because she recently lost a brother to an overdose. Please pray for peace for Andrea and healing for her daughter. Pray that she would draw close to Jesus and lean on Him.

  • Please pray for healing for Kathi’s back.

  • Pray that the Lord would use me to bring the lost to Him. I ask the Lord to teach me, guide me, and to let the Spirit come alive in me.

  • Please pray for those grieving losses after the plane crashes and shootings. Lord, please minister to the hearts of those who are hurting.