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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for unity among the brethren and fellow believers according to Psalm 133.

  • Please pray for me to be able to forgive my husband for unfaithfulness. Pray that we will rebuild our marriage refocusing on Jesus as the center, that Jesus will take all that is playing in my head, and the hurt and the pain this has caused. And please pray for my husband to know he is loved and for patience and understanding as I work through forgiving and being able to trust him again.

  • Please pray for complete healing for Kris and Makenna who are autistic, and Kailyn who is diabetic.

  • I am attempting to graduate from school of ministry after 2 ½ years in May and starting community college in August. I am currently experiencing a lot of spiritual warfare. I second guess myself daily because Satan always attacks me in my sleep through disturbing dreams. Please pray for me!

  • Pray my dad would accept Jesus and God would do an amazing work in him. 

  • Please pray for my friend Jennifer. She experienced a miscarriage in January and just found out she’s pregnant again. According to her doctor her progesterone levels are low and her HCG levels haven’t gone up as much as they would like to see. Please pray that all these levels rise significantly and result in a healthy pregnancy and baby.