Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray that we as Christ followers will have wisdom in how to shine God’s love in our world full of confusion, division, and hate. I’m really struggling with this, especially in the realm of government and politics.

  • Pray for the family of Brooke Irish who is now with the Lord at 38 years of age.

  • Please pray for God’s assistance to help me prepare for a personal review of my health issues in a face-to-face assessment on Friday. Please pray for favor and that God will work with those who evaluate me, helping them to understand me and my struggles well enough to come to a decision that God would want for me.

  • Pray for Liam, my grandson, who turned 8 today.  Pray he accepts the Lord as his Savior and Lord.

  • Please pray for Garrett Sank, a young man who had a scooter accident and had emergency surgery for a fractured skull and blood clot on his brain. He is still in the hospital, his surgery went well, but he needs healing and strength. He and his family know Jesus.

  • Pray for rescue missions.