Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Rod’s business companies to start to order product and the contract to get finalized and signed. Pray for Rod and me to walk in the Spirit to help Matt be his best in Jesus.

  • Please pray that Tony finds a rent-to-own house.

  • Please pray for my job, finances and a girlfriend about my own age. Resolution to legal matters regarding guardianship.

  • I need prayer that God will touch my son and daughter so they know and accept Jesus as their Savior.

  • Praise the Lord! Daughter’s accident turned out all ok, she’s safe, and her car is fixed. Pray for our son’s new job. Pray for Brad’s application. Pray for Kellie’s doctor appointment.

  • Pray for protection and godly counsel for our president.

  • Please pray for my Uncle Steve who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  He is in stage 2.  He made the decision to follow Christ on December 2, praise God!

  • I need prayers for my support dog. She's my baby and I love her so much and I know God brought her to me when I needed her. She's 12 weeks old and when I took her to the vet he said the bones in her skull haven't closed as quickly as they should. This worries me because I love her and don't want to lose her. I ask for urgent prayers for healing for my baby. I know God created my angel for a special purpose and request prayers for her skull bones to heal so she can live a long and healthy life.