Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray that Frank gets a job soon.

  • Please pray that David’s finances would mend and that all issues would be resolved. Lately he has been feeling like he was losing God’s favor.

  • Please pray for my mom Cheri.  She has a lot of brokenness in her heart and mind.  She is living in Southern California with no job, no home, and no plan.  She was in a rehab for alcoholism but she left abruptly because she couldn’t handle it.  Pray that God would pour out grace on her.

  • Pray for healing for family members: gout, heart, mental illness, MS, financial issues.

  • I found out today that a childhood friend named Ruth passed away, she was only 50. I wanted to ask for prayer for her husband, Brandon, and all their loved ones mourning this loss. Prayer for The Lord to do a miracle work in the heart of Dean and Louie (God knows the details). For Kolene who lost her fiancée to a sudden heart attack last month, he was 52. We've lost 4 other family members in a short time and last week we had to put our 18-year-old cat down. So much grief, it's hard for our hearts to handle. Please pray for mercy, healing, and peace for all involved.

  • Please pray for Conner, a young man who is in using very dangerous drugs and dealing with some mental instability. His family is very concerned about his safety. So far he has not been open to the gospel. Please pray for a change in his heart and for protection from the very dangerous road he is traveling.

  • Please lift up my daughter Jessica to remember the hope that is in Christ and His love. She is divorced, very hurt and filled with bitterness and unforgiveness. Today a long time relationship is in turmoil. Pray for right decisions to be made.

  • I want to Praise God for the work Holy Spirit is doing in my husband Willy and myself! God has brought us through a lot of rushing waters and has exchanged them for memorials of many stones! Please pray for us as to take better care of the temple God has given us, as we grow older here on earth to better serve Him.