Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for me to get into the Bible and that this would be a season of getting filled up with the Lord for me and for my friends and family. I ask for guidance whether it's the Lord’s will to have me in Colorado. Pray also for my health, and for forgiveness.

  • Pray for our government and all those in jails and homeless and in prison in the world.

  • Pray for Joe and for his dad who has Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Please pray for my friend Josh to do well and to seek the Lord and be happy in the Lord and to have a good relationship with his wife. Pray that they will be fulfilled in their jobs and in following Jesus.

  • Pray for Ben and Jose, that the Lord would guide them and show them His path for them. Pray also for Dorington and for his whole family.

  • Please pray for healing and God’s provision for future care for my shoulder injury. I’ve been in a lot of pain and unable to sleep well at night. Also, please pray for compassion and mercy from God for the people reviewing the workman’s comp claim and that it gets approved.

  • Please pray for Conner, a 23 year old drug addicted young man with mental health issues. He is teetering on the very edge right now. He thinks he can control his drug use, but his life is in great danger with his choices. Please pray that the Holy Spirit can break through in his clouded mind, that Conner’s life is preserved, and he has a change of course. He is completely devastating his family who love him and love the Lord.

  • Please join me in prayer for Ruby. She recently had a heart attack. She is 90 years old and is in love with Jesus and a devoted prayer warrior. She is on her feet and seems better.

  • Please continue to pray for Will’s brother as the Lord is taking him home soon. He has cancer developed from Wilson’s disease to his liver and through out his body. Praying God will bless caregivers and family.