Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my friends Jeff and Shannon, and their 8-year-old grandson Beckham who has and inoperable brain tumor and only has a few weeks to live. They know Jesus but are shaken to the core, they also come from a large LDS background and Beckham's mother is very deep in the church. Please join us in prayer for Beckham to be healed. Pray also for my heart and words that they would shine the light of Jesus.

  • Pray that Sam Jones would surrender to Jesus.

  • I ask for prayer for a family friend who recently lost their daughter in a tragic accident, please be praying for healing, comfort, strength, and protection from evil thoughts. Her family greatly needs this prayer.

  • The biopsy from Laura's husband's neck came back malignant, but they have caught it early and expect him to respond well to treatment.  Her husband's name is Silviu. Please pray that God will use this for his glory and for Laura and Silviu to give their hearts to Jesus.

  • Please pray for Jim, my oldest grandson in prison. He was supposed to be released in the spring some time. He got in trouble just recently for using, and now he is in maximum hold and can’t have visitors for six months. I feel so frustrated and disappointed. Pray for me too. I pray for Jim that he would draw close to the Lord more than ever and read his Bible that was given to him while he’s in “the hole.”

  • Please pray that the Lord would set me free from fear, and that He would give me peace regarding what happens when we die.

  • Please pray for my friend Katie as she deals with a tough year that includes divorce, job location change, and inability to conceive after expensive IVF. Please pray that she draws near to Jesus and feels His comfort and love, and that the Lord sends genuine Christians in her path to love on her during this difficult time.