Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please lift up my marriage in prayer as we are having multiple trials all collapsing on us at one time. Please also pray for my wife and that she will start going back to church again and that the spirit would convict her of all of the worldly things that she has been doing lately.

  • Pray for unification between my family and myself. Prayer for the men and their families around me. Prayer for success at a new life that is guided and blessed by God.

  • Please pray for my family. My parents are divorcing and my sister received a diagnosis of breast cancer last week. We don't have many details yet as far as what stage or her prognosis. She is 29, 7 years married, and has a 2-year-old daughter. Please pray for comfort, healing, and peace.

  • Pray for the Fletcher family, their sobriety and togetherness as a couple and parents.

  • Please pray for my older brother Jay. He’s in Boise right now trying to find a job, so he can stay and be with his girls (daughters and their Mom). He needs a place to live as well. He is trying, and has overcome so much, thus far. Praying that God sheds some light on his situation, and guides his life onto a path that’s for the greatest good.

  • Pray that the Lord would direct Scott in his quest to serve the Lord. That He give Scott direction to serve Him. And bless the New Life program at the mission.

  • Pray for Tanya, that her life in Idaho goes well, her SSDJ goes through, and that her new longly sought for path in music goes well.

  • Pray for Sean to learn how to deal with his anger, and for his kids to learn to deal with their anger as well.