Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Anja's sister who was diagnosed with lung cancer. Pray for her salvation and for Anja to be a bold witness to her entire family in this season. Pray that God uses this to further His eternal Kingdom.

  • Please pray for Lidia who has been sick for months with bronchitis that she can't seem to shake. Please pray for her total healing.

  • Please pray for Frank Halloway who recently had a stroke and is currently in the hospital.

  • Pray for Theresa for the opportunity to go back to school and start a new career.

  • Please pray for Mary to be relieved of the obsession to drink and smoke cigarettes. Pray for her daughter who has some interest in the neo-wicca, that she will come to the know the Lord. Pray that the Lord would forgive me for my ungodly behavior and unruliness around my family.

  • Pray for sage for peace, happiness, and healing from MS.

  • Pray for Sherry for healing, peace, and happiness.

  • Melody asks for prayer for her three daughters Katelyn, Rose, and Brianna that they know they are not alone and the wisdom to know where drugs and booze will take their lives, just by what their mother has gone through.

  • Pray for Lynda that she will find a forever home here on Earth for the time she has left in life. Pray that her relationships are strengthened and that she meets her soulmate.