Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Chad that he would trust God in every decision and place his faith in Jesus in this season of life where he is struggling 

  • Please pray for Jasmine, a 24-year-old woman who was recently arrested for failure to appear and is now being held in Ada County Jail. Jasmine is pregnant, and may have reached out to Stanton Healthcare. When she was arrested she was staying with her mother, who is in a downward spiral. Her past is full of broken relationships, drugs, and abuse. Pray that she would make the right decision for this baby’s life, and that she would reach out for a clergy visit.

  • Please pray for me to give my life completely to God and to be the husband my wife deserves.

  • Please pray for Deborah as she awaits the results from a thyroid biopsy she had on Tuesday. She asks that we pray that she doesn’t have cancer.

  • Please pray for Candito who accepted Jesus with my husband and me at church on Sunday. Pray he will not listen to Satan’s lies and that he will come back again faithfully for discipleship.

  • Please continue to pray for Will’s brother as the Lord is taking him home soon. He has cancer that developed from Wilson’s disease and has spread to his liver and through out his body. Praying God will bless his caregivers and family.

  • Please pray for salvation for the Harford family.