Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray that my eye surgery, final post surgical visit will show complete healing and no need of glasses, and if I am suppose to witness the good news to anyone there that I will hear the Holy Spirit and be obedient.

  • Please pray for my sister and daughter traveling to Cancun, Mexico. Pray for safe travels and that God would use them as a bright light there.

  • Please pray for my son Greg ex Army military. He has had episodes of passing out and chest pains for the past year and the doctors could never find any issues except treat the symptoms. On Tuesday my son had another episode and went to the VA hospital and his heart stopped for 12 seconds and he woke up with a guy on his chest getting ready to perform CPR. They transferred him to St. Luke’s downtown and discovered that he has a heart condition and is set for surgery this morning to install a pacemaker. Please pray for Greg for healing, a sense of God’s presence and comfort. Greg just went through a trying divorce with 4 children and needs prayer for healing from that as well. I’m praying for miracles to happen for this family and healing.

  • Pray for my son Isaiah who suffers from depression.

  • Please pray for Leo. There is a lot of brokenness in his family. Lots of bad choices, selfishness, waywardness, etc. in the generations before, his own, and in his kids.