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Daily Prayer Requests

  • My male cousin just came out as a transgender female. Claiming he’s a woman, but is attracted to women (so technically a lesbian). He believes, “If there is a God, he made me this way.” Pray that his heart and mind would be healed and that the Lord would do a huge work in his life. Pray for my aunt (a believer), who has been put in a very difficult situation and seems to be panicking and supporting his transition so he doesn’t commit suicide.

  • Please pray for the children in Yemen. 85,000 starved and went with no water and died.

  • Pray for the closure of Planned Parenthood.

  • Pray for all those who are having to sleep and live out in this freezing cold.

  • I would like prayer for my family to be able to get back together.

  • Please pray for my mother – that she would find a place to live. They have to move by February 28th.