Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Jesus. He is in jail awaiting a possible prison sentence. Please pray that he doesn’t end up in prison.

  • Pray for Doug’s lungs and tumors and surgery.

  • Pray for Delores, that all prep for her return to Idaho goes well and that she will have strength and the family will have wisdom.

  • Please pray for Kayla’s dad.

  • Prayer for a 10 year old boy named Christian who is a foster child. He was born to addicted parents so he has had a difficult time. Right now even at 10 years old he is talking about wanting to hurt himself. He takes lots of meds and he needs lots of prayer for he and his mom as his behavior at home and at school is less than exemplary at this point in time.

  • My co-worker has been receiving treatments for a cancer that is unresponsive so far. She is having surgery on Tuesday. Please pray for wisdom for the medical teams and, by God’s grace, complete healing.

  • My uncle was just diagnosed with terminal bone marrow failure syndrome. There is unfortunately no treatment available at this time. They have given him 10-15 years to live, which is a blessing, but he is already having a lot of difficulty breathing which is part of the disease. Please join me in praying for God’s hand in he and my aunt’s life and that in the midst of difficulty, they would find Him faithful. May God grant leaders in science and medicine to find a treatment for he and others suffering from this disease.