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“Now the Lord descended in the cloud, and stood with him there, and proclaimed the name of the Lord.”-Exodus 34:5

It's easy to marvel at Moses' experience standing with the veiled Lord in all His glory. But we have no need to envy Moses. We, too have access to the heart of God. Furthermore, everyone who has been born again by the grace of God, lives with Him day-by-day. We can all be guided by the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit. Because our Jesus does not leave us orphans, we can all talk to God and expect the Spirit, our teacher and friend, to respond. Listen closely. You'll likely hear the small, still voice of God.


  • An anonymous person asks for prayer for a personal anger problem. It was under control for many years but has gotten bad lately.  Also, please pray for deliverance from their tobacco habit.

  • Lizette asks that we pray for Yaya and her mother-in-law as they continue their road to recovery, for their therapy starting soon. Praise God for providing for all their needs.

  •  An anonymous person asks that we pray that “my mom and dad are happy, in good health, w/out financial problems. And for a good job for me so I can help them as they have me my whole life.”

  • Pray that Jane is delivered from her deep-rooted bitterness and wrath that has deeply hurt her children and grandson. Pray for her daughter-in-law to continue to forgive her. Help her family to know God’s will and where they should establish healthy boundaries. They need wisdom and discernment. Join them as they seek His face in love.

  • An anonymous person asks for prayer “for God to heal my heart and take away the pain I carry, to make me strong to keep living life, with a new and healthy mind.

  • Pray for Dan whose plate is full with many concerns right now. His parents are in poor health. His wife has kidney failure and he has a special-needs teenager.