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Daily Prayer Requests

  • NIGHT TO SHINE: Please pray for the parents, guardians, and caretakers who will be bringing guests to Night to Shine. We will be providing them with some activities to enjoy throughout the evening. Our prayer is that they will have a relaxing evening and feel the love of God while they are here.

  • Please pray for my friend, for healing in her heart and mind.

  • Please pray for a married couple, that the Lord would restore their relationship and build them up in the love they share together. Help them to fall in love again and to be a positive example, and heal all those negatively affected. Help me to develop and strong and healthy relationship with them.

  • Please pray for my youngest son Kapono.  He has diabetes and needs our Savior to lift up his financial struggles to raise his two children and sweet wife Alyssa.  Aolani, age 14 months, Alena, age 7 years old.

  • Please pray for healing for Erick from an infection and fever.

  • Please pray for Derick. He will have a very critical MRI today. He has gone two months with no treatment whatsoever. His last MRI, thankfully, showed no new tumor growth. It is only by God's grace and your prayers (a miracle), that he can beat this cancer as the survival rate is rare with Glioblastoma. After the MRI, doctors in San Francisco will go from there, deciding whether he needs any treatment and what kind. At this time, there is no cure, we appreciate your prayers so much.

  • Pray for all unborn.  Pray for the unsaved.  Pray for our president.  Pray for our pastors.  Pray for revival.  Pray for rescue mission service in downtown Boise.