Daily Prayer Requests

  • I trusted God throughout a series of steps to start a new counseling agency. He blessed that effort in a way that I’ve never seen before. And now I have no answers, no response, and am losing money every month. I believe God said to be still and wait on Him. But I’m also losing money. I need His intervention to at least break even. And direction to either close the business doors or keep going toward at least paying myself along with my employees. I want to do His will and this is the first time I do not know what that is.

  • Please continue to pray for Alayna that she would hold tight to her bible and God would reveal Himself to her.

  • Pray for my daughter Katy who is a heroin addict. It is a desperate situation.

  • Please pray for a friend who is worried for her safety at her job. She has been threatened by a customer who has harassed her and she is concerned for her safety that he might try to do something.

  • Please pray for my sister-in-law Rachel, that God soften her heart and draw her back to Him, that she would repent and turn from her sin, that He would receive the glory for the work of restoration and healing in her life and in our family.

  • Please pray for my sister whose husband just deployed to a dangerous area, this was unexpected, he just got back from a deployment and it has been stressful for them.

  • Pray for Ben to have spiritual breakthrough.  He has a mental illness and has had experiences in the past that have made faith difficult. He asks that God would strengthen him and encourage him in his pursuit of a life with Jesus.

  • Please pray for my father. He is suffering from fever, back pain and nerve pain for 1 month. He went to treatment but the medicine didn't work. He is so weak and pale. He is 67 years old. Please pray for him so that Jesus can heal him.

  • Please continue to pray for our daughter Nichole. She is angry and depressed, needs the Lord's help to bring her back to Him. We miss her so and looking forward to God restoring us!

  • Please pray that my mom would find a place to live.