Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Nichole that God will help her and fill her with His Spirit and restore our family.  Pray my husband Corky finds a job soon.

  • Please keep praying for Adele, the two-year-old who had brain surgery a few weeks ago. Adele is still battling pneumonia, but she is doing better and her heart rate seems to be stable. She has been doing therapy to regain full use of her right side. She can grip with her hand and give a kick with her foot, but no walking. Radiation starts Monday, which is a good thing. Also, her mom got to hold her on Wednesday, which hasn't happened since surgery! A long time and much needed snuggle time with mommy. Please keep praying for her.

  • Salvation for Alex, Ali, Nick and Natalie Simpson, Mike, Sara and Derek Priest, Kody, Julie and Matthew Wiggins.

  • Please pray for Whitney's lung health. She has had an incessant cough for a few weeks, and they aren’t sure whether it’s bronchitis or due to construction they’ve been doing in their attic. Please also pray for health for the rest of our family as nearly all of us are sick. Our son Adonijah has the same incessant cough as Whitney, and has been vomiting, our son Huntley has a sinus infection, and our daughter Lanea stepped on a nail from the attic project. Please pray for answers and treatment as Whitney goes in to the doctor. Please pray for the ability to be redirected to a lung specialist as well as a dermatologist. Please pray for healing of her foot, which has broken out in a severe rash which is getting so bad it's cracking and bleeding as she walks.

  • Please for my dad's salvation, his name is Jay. Pray that Christ would knock on his heart and he would invite Jesus to be his Lord and Savior. 

  • Pray for Rod’s business contract to get written perfectly.  Pray for Rod and me to raise Matt to follow God wholeheartedly.  Pray for me to have love, not frustration, with Matthew.

  • Pray for Clark and Ann Peddicord, missionaries in Berlin, Germany, as they begin their time connecting with friends and supporters in the States.