Daily Prayer Requests

  • Praise report: I have not been put on furlough with my job.

  • Please pray for our marriage that it will be strengthened and made strong.

  • Please pray for our unborn grandson. He’s trying to come too early. She’s at 34 weeks and they really need him to get to at least 36-37 weeks. He’s only 5 lbs. There has been a lot of stress in her life adding to the stress on the baby. His name is Logan and her name is Tristan.

  • Please pray for healing from cancer for my grandma. Pray for God's strength to be made perfect in her weakness. Pray for supernatural healing power. Pray that God would never leave nor forsake her. Pray that God would cover her with a hedge of protection.

  • Please pray for my son who has cancer.

  • Please pray for Sarah, who lives in Uganda. She fell and broke her arm. When taken to the hospital (or doctor, not sure which) she was refused help because of no money. Her break has not been set and it has been five days. Her grandson Jonah and his family live there in Uganda, but do not know what to do. We are praying for divine intervention in the form of compassionate provision. Sarah’s daughter attends our church. As a refugee with young children, she has little money. She is praying to find a job of some sort to have income to help her mother who is now unable to work.

  • Please pray for my niece and her unborn twins. Not sure what's going on. Please pray for the whole family to trust in God's love and goodness for them.