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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for God to work everything out for good. I know that there will be consequences and work to be to done to repair all the damage I have done.  God’s will be done with our home situation.

  • Please pray for Robin whose recent skin biopsy results show lymphoma. She is praying and asking God that He does not allow it to enter her blood. She is also praising God for His plan over her life, that each day He fashioned for her, and that she trusts His sovereignty and perfect Will for her life. She also wanted to encourage others who follow Christ, that we must remember we are living on the other side of Heaven, assured and waiting for His return!

  • Tammy asks for prayer who is having a rough time with her vehicle. She just got a quote for repairs that is much more than she can afford. She's praying the Lord will provide someone who can do the repairs for a lower cost.

  • Please pray for my aunt who is going in for a double mastectomy. She needs covered in prayer.

  • Prayer that our family really seeks the Lord in all areas of life and develop a deeper prayer life.

  • Please pray for my brother-in-law Dave. He is dying from cancer, and we are praying that he would accept Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior before he goes into eternity.

  • A praise report that Mike is out of surgery and they are removing the ventilator and he is being healed and is alert and aware of his surroundings which is more than the doctor's thought would be the case.

  • For our daughter who has lost her way. God has been very evident, especially lately, but she is so surrounded in darkness that she either can't see Him or when she does see Him, she believes Satan’s lies and is so filled with shame and pain she runs from Him. She has been turning to alcohol. Prayers to free her from Satan’s lies, and for her to remember the God she knows and run to Him for the healing of her spirit.

  • My parents are divorcing after 33 years of marriage. There has been so much damage done in that time. Please pray for healing, conviction, and broken chains, specifically for my dad. Thank the Lord for the protection and tenderness He has already poured out on our family during this time.

  • Pray for Caleb and Tara, a young couple who attend Calvary Boise. They both need prayer for healing since they both have serious GI issues. Tara has chronic Ulceritive Colitis and the doctors don't know at this time what Caleb's issue is.

  • I need prayer that the courts will accept my request to go to a program in Coeur d’Alene. I’m in Ada County Jail and am doing fine. I’m at peace because I trust God and have His Spirit indwelling in me, but I just need prayer.