Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my brothers Tom, Bill, Bobby, Steve and Artie for salvation. That I would be bold and courageous with a loving heart, and that we would be able to talk on the phone about the things of God.

  • Please pray that the Lord would show me whether He would like me to be involved in altar prayer. Right now I’m feeling too self conscious and awkward. I realize it’s coming from my flesh and perhaps Satan. Nothing gives more great pleasure than to be able to pray for others.

  • Pray for my daughter Annette, she needs a closer walk with Jesus and to move to another place.

  • I’m seeking God’s guidance for a new relationship in my life. I would appreciate prayers for discerning, trusting, and obeying His will, not my own.

  • Please pray that my husband Corky gets a job soon.

  • Please pray for my dad Carlos who is currently hospitalized and has taken a turn for the worse. His kidneys were shutting down and now he has walking pneumonia. Please pray for him. I know the Lord can heal him.

  • Please pray for my friend who is dating a married man with a newborn, that has also hurt her a lot. Please pray for her to reunite with her family and friends, to heal her, and allow her to be happy and whole again. Pray that this man is also saved by God, becomes a believer, and chooses to do better for himself and others.

  • Please pray for me. In August I moved from Boise to Oregon and I've really been struggling with missing my home church at Calvary Boise. I haven't made any friends here at my new church. I don't feel like I'm welcome here. I try to connect with people in church but they just kind of shut me out, and I don't know what to do. My lease isn’t up until August, so I’m here at least until then. Please pray that people will be more welcoming and that I can find friends and a support system here. I feel all alone.

  • Please pray for Xavier who is struggling with depression.

  • Please pray that Kayla will open her ears and heart to God. Pray for rest and peace for Barbara. Pray for guidance and strength for Jen and Sara.

  • Pray for my sister-in-law Kayla to help her find her way. Also for my sister Misty to help her find her way and to allow Christ to come in and fill her heart.