Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for a person who reached out anonymously through our website who is struggling severely with depression and suicidal thoughts. This person knows the Lord but feels lost and like it would be better if they ended their life. Please pray that the Lord would reach in and minister to this person’s heart in a way they can recognize, and that they would feel His peace and hope as they battle this deep depression. Pray for the Lord to provide people to come alongside and provide support and help. Pray that this person would be willing to reach out to someone they know and ask for help.

  • Please pray for our 10-year-old daughter Grace Emily Catt. She has a large cyst inside her heel bone, taking up 90% of the bone. Doctors have advised her to keep weight off her heel, so she’s been on crutches for 3 weeks. We are waiting for bone biopsy results to determine the nature of the cyst. Please pray for our hearts to remain strong in the Lord while we wait. Pray for healing. Praise the Lord for Grace’s optimistic attitude while on crutches.

  • Please pray for my friend's elderly mother who is very ill and doctors say they can only try to keep her comfortable. Please pray for God's comfort, HIS divine intervention and healing touch.

  • Please pray for my grandpa. He was in the ER this morning for some testing, but has been sent home. He had extremely high blood sugar (410) and dehydration. He's a very active, outdoorsy, independent man and I think it depresses him not to be able to get out and do the things he loves. Please continue to pray for his relationship with God and that his high blood sugar was brought on solely by the dehydration and not a more serious issue.

  • Pray that the Lord would fix our government and look out for all the workers affected by the shut down.

  • Please pray for a woman named Renee who is in the hospital with cancer. Doctors say she may only have a couple days until she passes. Please pray for her to accept Christ before this time. Also pray for a miracle as she has children and a fiancé, and they also need prayer for peace/comfort and salvation.

  • Please pray for Pam who isn’t able to be with us physically for prayer times this week because she is sick with a cold. Please pray for her healing.

  • Please pray for my husband, he is struggling with God and life's purpose so much right now. Last week he was vulnerable with me in conversation for the first time in six years, so there is much opportunity for God to jump in on that. Pray that Satan is fended off from his mind and heart while God does His work, and that I continue to be strong and bold as his wife throughout this spiritual warfare in our marriage and life. Please Lord, send laborers and resources.