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Daily Prayer Requests

  • My family is going through a really rough time right now. Pray for my brothers and sisters and decisions they need to make, and that most of all the Holy Spirit would work in them for their salvation. 

  • Pray for the young gal watching our kids and may God wrap His love and comfort around her and let her know she‘s appreciated.

  • Pray for Barbara, that the lord would help her deal with stress.

  • Pray for Kayla, for help with addictions and that her kids would be safe.

  • Pray for safety for Jerid and Sara, and bless them for everything they do for the family.

  • Pray for Dan who had surgery on Wednesday.  Ask God to heal him quickly and that Dan relies on Jesus for all his comfort and peace during the healing process. 

  • Pray for Chuck who is in Minnesota at the Mayo clinic for cancer.  He is testing for inclusion in trials of new drugs for his cancer.  Pray for his healing by God's hand and that he is accepted into the program.

  • Please pray for Lorenzo, who is struggling with prostate cancer and recovering from medications. He wants healing so that he can spend time with his only grandbaby.

  • Pray for our president and administration. Pray that they would yield to the leading of the Holy Spirit.