Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for me for a home, better health, and peace of mind.

  • Please pray for physical healing for myself, health and happiness for all. Love and peaceful and prosperous new year for all

  • Please pray for physical and spiritual restoration of my sons and family relationships to myself and each other and Christ.

  • Help me to find Jesus, stay clean, to follow His path, to find myself. Please keep my babies safe, strong, and confident, and bring us together as a family soon.

  • I’m in my last semester of college, before getting a bachelor’s degree, using the GI bill. I still don’t have a clear direction about where I’m headed after I graduate. I started the application process to become a police officer, but I have serious doubts about that. I actually have questions about times in the past when I thought I was led by God. It could be that many of my major directions in the past have been wrong, I don’t know. Please pray that I will get to the place where I can deeply, clearly hear from God. Pray that God will clear out all other voices, so I only hear Him. Pray that He will clear away all the sins and brokenness separating me from hearing from Him. Pray that I will seek Him, through fasting and prayer, until I hear clearly, and pray for the humility and trust to accept the path He has for me.

  • Pray that my mom would desire to know God deeper and would go to the Bible every day. 

  • Please pray for my four children, that the Lord will enlighten the eyes of their hearts to know Him, stir up and bring forth their spiritual gifts, take away everything that is not of Him and keeps them from walking the path He laid before them. Pray that He would give them favor, wisdom, understanding, forgiveness, salvation, clarity, healing, deliverance, an extra measure of grace and mercy, and hedges of protection.

  • Pray for Nina for healing in her body.

  • I have issues hindering my overall happiness, finances, and life. I’m looking for an answer from my authority figures. Still waiting.