Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please continue to pray for my husband. We finally started marital counseling last week and have been having some hard conversations. Praise God that he is willing to get help and that he is 'seeking' answers about his head and his heart. Please pray that Satan will be powerless when trying to intervene while my husband contemplates God, our marriage, and our business that we run together. Pray that I will have a divine strength and peace to make it through this with him.

  • I had my first cancer surgery on Monday and I am in a lot of pain. Please pray that I can heal quickly, not stress about the medical bills, and that I can just have peace right now and trust God plan.

  • Diane is on disability and she is losing her place to live. Pray that God gives her an increase in faith to wait on the Lord and pursue other housing. Pray that an advocate would miraculously come along side to support her.

  • Pray for Boise/Nampa rescue mission ministries.

  • Delia is a single mom of three girls who is looking for a place to stay. She hasn't gone to church in a while, but visited this weekend and is looking to reconnect with God and to keep coming to church.

  • Please pray for a dear old friend and sister in Christ Jesus. She is having polyps removed from her uterus. I only hope and pray all goes well and that she is cancer free. She loves the Lord and has been serving Him for many years.

  • For the collective church to turn our eyes from worthless things in these last days, and recognize the signs of the times we're living in and put Christ on the throne of our hearts. Pray that we would not be distracted by things of the world but rather zealous for the fear of the Lord and for the proclamation of the gospel, for He's coming soon!

  • I just want to give back to Jesus and the church.