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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for us to be heavenly-minded Jesus people who love and reach out to our dying, fallen world. Pray that our prayer lives would step up 100%.

  • Pray for peace of Jerusalem.

  • Please pray for Barbara, Kayla, and Misty. All three struggle with addictions and are going through hard times.

  • Anna asks for prayer for a new place to live. She has to out soon (before the end of the week or month). She is being forced out of her place due to a disgruntled roommate. She is facing homelessness if she can’t find something soon. Please prayer for God’s provision and direction over her life and housing need.

  • Jeanne is struggling emotionally with her daughter's husband; of whom they disapprove.

  • Pray for Sophia. She has a rare eye disease and will be having cataract surgery this week.

  • Please pray for the Harford family's salvation.