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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for New Seasons ministry in Egypt. They meet every Saturday. Pray for the Holy Spirit to be present among them, for the gifts of the Spirit, and for the worship, sermon, and prayer time to experience an outpouring from the throne of God. Pray that their ministry would expand to reach more people with the Gospel, and that the Lord would remove hindrances.

  • Please pray for revival in 2019 in each heart and worldwide. Please lift up my niece, she is expecting twins in the summer. Please lift up our family as our great aunt Nonie passed. She knew God and lived a full long life.

  • We have two teenage boys. We haven’t been to church for 6 months. My husband doesn’t want to force them to go. I’ve been praying and I believe God is directing us to Rock Harbor. Please pray for God’s will.

  • Please pray for Antonio Hernandez, our missionary in Oaxaca, Mexico. He is currently in the hospital for knee surgery.

  • Pray for salvation for Alex, Ali, Nick and Natalie Simpson, Mike, Sarah and Derek Priest, Kody, Julia and Matthew Wiggins.