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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my wife Cora, she will be having eye surgery on Dec. 13 in the morning. Eye specialists will install new lens (removed 3 years ago in left eye due to a bacterial infection and her retina repaired). Please pray that her surgery will be a success, quick and proper healing, and that she will have improved vision and her retina will remain attached. Her previous two eye surgeries were successful.

  • Please pray that I will be able to get my grades up. I have two Fs that are stressing me out.

  • Thank you for praying for Derick. He had a good report on his MRI. We are awaiting details on further treatment.

  • Anarose is going in for an emergency mammogram Monday.  Pray everything goes well and they can find the source of her pain.

  • Please pray for the church in Freetown, Sierra Leone, the structure has fallen apart. Part of it is a zinc (metal structure), and all the sticks are rotten. We are praying for God to provide as we want to rebuild it.