Daily Prayer Requests

  • My husband needs patience and to dig his heels in and continue on God’s path that there is a light. He’s been going to college 3+ years and will apply for nursing 2020. He feels his fire is going out and having issue that he’s 52 and with all the young ones, and he has 3-8, so he has what it takes and sometimes he forgets.

  • Pray that I continue to adjust well to Boise and find community.

  • My dad is my hero. He raised me all by himself. He is suffering I hospital for 5 months. He isn’t a believer. Please pray that he is SAVED.

  • Pray for my friend Doug Wright’s daughter had a knee operation. Pray for my granddaughter Aimee had her 5 year old son taken by the Oregon CPA. She has a case going against Oregon and South Dakota.

  • Please pray that God is at work in the lives of my kids and that I’d learn to trust Him with their lives. I pray a hedge of protection around them. I pray for Christians to cross their paths.