Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray that everything in my and my fiancé’s life will get better and that things will start looking up.

  • Please pray for Christian spouses for my kids for their future. Pray that they come from healthy families. Please pray for God to lead them to careers that they can enjoy and thrive in. Please heal the brokenness in my son’s heart.

  • Please pray for Lynn’s grandma.

  • Please pray that God would soften my husband’s heart and that he would seek help for his anger issues and low self-esteem. Please pray for his salvation and transformation. Pray for protection over my teenage son and daughter. Pray for my mother-in-law’s salvation and for a humble heart. Please pray that my husband would desire the truth above all and that he would desire to become a gentleman and man of integrity. God, help this marriage.

  • Please pray for more volunteers to be teachers in the Children’s Ministry.

  • Please pray for my son. He has served in the army for years, including stateside, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He and his wife have been apart for nearly all of their marriage. He has filed paperwork to change positions so he and his wife can be together, but his commanding officer said he will not approve it because it isn’t a wise career move. Please pray for God’s will in their lives. Pray that through this my son and daughter-in-law would grow in their faith and prayer lives.

  • Please pray for all women in the shelter to be blessed for stability, healing, independence, love, and forgiveness. 

  • Pray for my family to stop using me as a scapegoat. Pray that they will be able to forgive my addiction behavior. Pray that God would soften their hearts, so that they can remember the positive things in life, and let go of the negative in past.