Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Rich and Marissa Hefner who lost their home in a fire.

  • Please pray for my brother-in-law Dave, he has cancer, We will be going to California to visit for just a weekend. We are praying that he will be open minded and soft hearted to accept the Gospel.

  • Please pray for K.J.’s move.

  • Pray for Lavonne White. She has seizures and has wrecked four vehicles. She has an appointment with the VA on November 28. Pray for complete healing for her.

  • Please pray for all the people who lost their homes and more in Paradise, California.

  • Please pray for Jhes, a volunteer in our children’s ministry.

  • Please pray for Daphne who just lost her job. She and her family and are in need of God’s provision. 

  • Please pray for us, we are in a very difficult and painful trial.

  • Please pray for God’s protection for the kids in Gillette, Wyoming. A student recently made a threat of violence against the school. He was confronted, and nothing happened, but the community is shaken. Please pray for the kids in the town who tend to be bored, and therefore tend get into more trouble.

  • Please pray for direction for Lindsay’s sister Becky.