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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please continue to pray for my in-laws in the selling of their business. The meeting they had did not go as hoped. But God knew all of this. Please pray for wisdom as they go back to the drawing board and seek His direction. And please continue to pray for healing for my father in law as the cancer is very aggressive. That his trust and all of our trust would grow and be anchored deeply in the Lord during this time.

  • Please pray for the BBQ/Music/Film outreach Calvary Chapel Rome will be having November 10. It is called "My hope Italy" which is a video outreach associated with Billy Graham ministries happening. Please pray that the weather will be favorable for our BBQ and that the Lord will draw those hearts that are ready to hear the gospel. Pray for Andrea from the coffee shop to make it with his family. Pray against the attacks of the enemy that would push against us, the outreach, and people being able to come.

  • Please continue to pray for Derick. He has had a cold for a week and it really stresses his immune system, and takes away from his ability to fight against any cancer. Please pray that he will be over the cold very soon.

  • Recently a branch from my tree fell on a car outside my house. My homeowners insurance says it was an act of nature, so the owner of the vehicle should run it through their insurance. But that person does not have insurance, so they filed a claim with my insurance. Please pray for the decision making process, and that God’s will would be done. If we pay the damage, I would not be required to pay a deductible but my insurance payment will most likely go up.

  • Tallulah asks that we pray for her as she deals with overwhelming grief. At the same time, she is worried about her health, she’s struggling to focus at her job, and she needs to find an affordable apartment. Please pray for the Lord to give her peace and to provide for all the things she needs.

  • Please pray for physical healing for all of Connie Perry’s ailments.

  • Pray for healing of Donald’s hip joint.

  • Pray for guidance and discernment of truth for Tish.

  • Pray for Heather to have self-awareness and ownership as well as healing.