Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please continue to pray for a couple who had to evacuate their home to escape the fire in Paradise, CA. They are safe at a friend’s house, but they think their house is gone. Praise the Lord for keeping them safe, and pray for God’s provision for them moving forward.

  • Please pray for my little brother Paul. He needs me and I need him. Pray also for my family to live in unity.

  • Please pray for Ana Luz, a woman who attends Miguel and Luisa Cruz’s church in Buenavista, Mexico. Doctors say that because the dialysis isn’t working anymore, there is anything they can do for her. She has very little time left. Please pray the family and the fellowship, who are all very concerned.  Also for provision for the medical expenses.

  • Please pray for Nina as she received her housing voucher for Canyon County and has 4-5 months to find a place. Please pray that she can find a care to be able to transport her two toddler sons to and from grandparents’ house for visitations.

  • Please pray for salvation for all of my friends, and that God would work miracles in their hearts so that they would desire to surrender their lives to Him.

  • Dave has gone back in the hospital this AM (Monday) for further surgery on a blood clot in his leg.  Tomorrow doctors will do further surgery to insert a stent.  Please pray that Dave will be sustained through God's grace and that the hands of the Doctors move under God's will.  Dave is a brother in Christ.

  • Please pray for my younger brother, Doug. He has stage 4 lung cancer which has metastasized. He and his family are believers.