Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for me as I deal with trauma from a recent bullying incident at a store where a woman pushed me over and threatened me. I tried to get authorities involved, but they didn’t’ have enough evidence. I feel hurt, ashamed, broken, and very hopeless toward humanity. Please pray for salvation and a change in heart condition for this woman, and for my healing as I’m feeling very victimized. Most importantly, please pray for my marriage, as my husband stood by and watched all of this happening to me. I feel alone in this world and in my marriage and really appreciate your prayers for some support.

  • Please pray for my neighbor Kristy. She has a tumor in her brain, and for her Salvation she has two teenagers, and that I get the Devine opportunity to invite them to Church. 

  • Please pray for Kaleb. He is in a mental hospital and has been cutting himself.

  • Please pray for my father-in-law and family; for this we have Jesus. We did not receive good news from his Dr. visit this week. He was prescribed a medication to help with symptoms so we can hopefully enjoy the holidays together. Even though the family thought we were prepared to hear this news, it has still punched us hard. He loves the Lord and knows where he is going, what a great hope.

  • Please pray that the Lord will heal my son Henry. Within 6 weeks he went from stumbling a bit to not being able to walk at all. Both the doctors at ER and Henry’s own doctor could not find out what the problem was. They even suggested that the problem could be in Henry’s mind!  Please pray that the Lord will keep Henry alive and give his new doctor wisdom concerning his affliction. Henry is 9 years old. Thank you for praying for him.