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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Dave needs healing from a broken foot.

  • Please pray for my brother Derek Thomas Strong who has given up on life and is a homeless alcoholic.  We have all tried to help him and now we all are just afraid of getting the call that he is dead.  My best friend died this past March from the same thing.  I feel so sad and hopeless for my brother and my mother.

  • Brooke needs healing from stage 4 cancer.

  • Please pray for Nichole that God will change her heart. God will restore our family and Nichole will forgive and love others in Jesus.

  • Pray for my aunt Thelma Burum.  She needs major dental work on her teeth.  She is on a small income.  Please pray for her finances and for her to be able to get her teeth fixed.

  • Please pray for Heidi, that God would heal her panic attacks. They paralyze her and keep her form work and hinder her daily life.

  • Please pray that the Lord will help heal my fractured family. Help me overcome.