Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please prayer for my Barber, that I go to as we were talking about spiritual things. He is a Jehovah witness, not sure how devoted but we had a great conversation about the gospel and what that means for our lives. His name is Florin.

  • Please pray that God will continue to build up advocacy teams for all of our missionaries. We are praying that God will use these teams to increase communication, and provide greater support to our brothers and sisters who are ministering around the globe.

  • Prayer for the finances for braces for Ryley. The cost for this is going to be around $1,100 for the whole treatment.

  • Please continue to pray that the Lord will provide more people to serve the kids in our Children’s Ministry. We have several open slots each weekend.

  • Please pray for a woman who is suffering from anxiety and depression. Pray that she and her doctors can find the correct balance of medication and counseling that will give her relief.