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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my brother Myles, for wisdom and continued strength as he handles all the tasks and emotions with his divorce. Pray for Rachel that she would return to the Lord, pray for their kids Riley and Joshua that they turn to be comforted by Jesus in their heartache.

  • Pray for a man who is working very hard to stay sober. Pray that God would give him strength for each day, and that he would grow closer to the Lord as his mind clears from the influences of the substances he was putting in his body.

  • Pray for a woman who used to attend Calvary Chapel Bistrita, Romania. Years ago she got married and moved to Belgium and they had a daughter. A couple years ago she got divorced, but has still been living in Belgium and working. This week she called a friend she used to go to church with and she ended up praying with her to accept the Lord as her Savior. Please pray for her and her daughter, that the Lord would draw them into a close relationship with Him, and that she would find a church near her that she can get connected with.

  • Please pray that I would be reminded that my worth is in Jesus, not the way I look, or the way others perceive me. I'm struggling a lot with insecurity.

  • Thank you for praying for Kassidy, the 11 year old who was being treated for severe health issues brought on by highly elevated blood sugar. She has been officially diagnosed as Type 1 Diabetic. Please pray that she adjusts well to the new routine, and that she will stay healthy.