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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for my daughter who’s under a huge spiritual attack. Her wounds have blinded her to God’s love, blessings, healing, and forgiveness. Pray that God’s light shines brightly and she reaches for Him to get out of the dark pit she is in.

  • Pray for Janeen. She had a hip operation and needs lots of prayer.

  • Pray for my husband. I told him things in confidence and he posted these personal matters on Facebook.

  • Pray for Rico as he travels the country doing ministry. He hit a very low point last week and seriously contemplated suicide. Please pray for God to reveal His plan for Rico’s life, and that he would be protected from the enemy.

  • My wife is not saved, we are separated, we have a 3-year-old son, and she is openly seeing another man with no regards to the covenant we have before God. Please pray for God to intervene.

  • Brenda is in need of some help and prayer.  She is currently confined to a wheelchair and is in need of some help to clean and do laundry and maybe get a ride now and then to the grocery store. Please pray that the Lord provides.