Daily Prayer Requests

  • My wife and I are separated, and she is unsaved. We have been married a little over 4 years and have been separated since January. I request prayer for her salvation and God to remodel our relationship.

  • Please pray for Fabio's job. He works at a supermarket and has been notified that he will have to transfer back to the store where he had previously worked. The old store is much further from home and the director of that store was not at all pleasant to work with. Fabio is willing to accept God's will, but would love to stay where he is. Prayers for Fabio to trust and let God direct his steps.

  • Rosemarie asks that we please pray for her two daughters, A and L, that the Holy Spirit will knit their hearts together in His perfect LOVE!

  • Pray for my husband to find Jesus and surrender his life.

  • Scott asks that we pray for the Lord to direct his path in jail and prison ministries.

  • Pray for protection and healing for Heather, Tish, Andi, Julie, Donald, Sheradon, and Danny.

  • Please pray for Mrs. Stewart (a mom of someone on my swim team) who just found out that she was going to be okay and recover from the stage 4 breast cancer. Then she wasn’t feeling too good, went to the doctor and found out that she now has terminal brain cancer. That’s all I know as of right now, but I will let you know on how she is doing if anything changes.

  • Please pray for Ethel. She fell and injured her leg and ankle three weeks ago, which resulted in a blood clot. She is using pressure hose but is still unable to put any weight on that leg due to the pain.

  • Please pray for three women who within the last month were diagnosed with breast cancer. One of them is only 19 years old. Please pray for me to be an encouragement to them and share the hope and peace that can only come through our Lord and Savior. The peace and hope I have being a survivor of breast cancer myself.