Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my dad, Doug.  He is back in the hospital. All the time in bed for his lungs has caused fractures in his spine. He is in horrible pain.

  • Please pray for Alayna, a 13-year-old in an abusive home. Pray that she may know God and rest in His love and care. Pray for protection and the Holy Spirit to comfort her.

  • Clark Peddicord, a missionary we support in Berlin, Germany, asks that we pray for the students they come into contact with, that many would be deeply moved by the Spirit and the conversations about the Faith and come to seek to know more about Jesus.

  • Please pray for Phyllis. She has not been feeling well and he doctors have not been able to determine why. Pray for healing, comfort and peace.

  • Please pray for my landlord Jack who is a Satanist.