Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Laura Young as she adjusts to life after surgery for thyroid cancer. Pray that her medication will perform properly. Ask that doctors have wisdom and treat her ongoing symptoms in a timely fashion. Pray too that she will be strengthened and comforted by God.

  • I need prayer to have patience with my lovely 12 year old son Shane. We are just entering the lovely teen phase. I want to get him involved and love church.

  • Pray for my son who is in Salem, Oregon. He went to a detox center. He is a heroin addict. Please pray for him that he finds his way. Pray for me also to help me find my way.

  • Pray for my husband’s ex-wife. She needs a kidney ASAP.

  • Pray for Rod to have godly wisdom on how to put together a contract.

  • Holy Spirit, please fill us!