Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray that Cindy’s husband finds a job soon, and that The Lord will carry them through. They have a lot of medical expenses, etc.

  • Pray for Austin, that his upcoming back surgery would alleviate his vertebrae pain.

  • Please pray for my sister Kim. She is really having a hard time with where her life is at right now and feels hopeless. She is getting out of a very destructive marriage and it has been very hard. She is angry at God and sees her relationship with him as based on the things she does for Him and feels betrayed that her life has taken the turns it has.

  • Please pray for healing for Delores, and peace and comfort for her family in the meantime.

  • Judy asks that we pray for her mom Shirley, who needs prayer.

  • Please pray for my brother Myles and his kids Riley and Josh as they all deal with the emotions of a divorce. Josh is 9 and is not eating enough food and is losing weight. He is stressed and really having a hard time with the changes in his life. Please pray that he will begin eating again and will be able to gain weight. Pray for the truth to come out in the divorce proceedings and for Myles to get majority custody of the kids. Pray for his wife Rachel to experience God’s love and mercy in a life-changing way.

  • Pray for Liberty for healing from sickness.

  • Pray for Kevin, who is starting a new job. He’s working 60+ hour weeks, and needs some rest.

  • Please pray for my surgeon as he operates on my knee and pray for Dennis as he gets ready for surgery.