Daily Prayer Requests

  • I struggle with depression and lately it’s been difficult to get out of bed.  I pray every day, but I don’t feel connected with the Lord like I used to.  Please pray for my recovery and relationship with Jesus.

  • I have fallen into the depths of despair and depression due to many unfortunate life circumstances.  I am new to the area, unemployed with health issues.  Praying and reaching out to my Savior.

  • Please pray for us for parenting to our teenage boys. Pray for our son’s schooling, their leaders and friends’ influences.

  • Please pray for our jobs and health, and God’s guidance in owning our own business.

  • Please pray for my six-month checkup 2 years out from kidney cancer. I have a CT scan Wednesday, and a doctor appointment Friday.

  • On Sunday, my 90 yr old Mother-in-law, Carol, fell and broke her pelvis in 2 places. She is in excruciating pain. Yesterday in the hospital it took from noon - 6 pm and 4 tries to get a catheter in since she cannot get up to go to the bathroom. She has dementia and had hardly been able to speak a clear sentence that morning until they were working on her and then she was crying and pleading for them to stop. I have witnessed to her for years, she converted to the LDS religion after she married my father-in-law. I don't believe that she has accepted Jesus into her heart, but she lets me pray with her anytime. Please pray for her salvation and that our precious Savior would heal her and for what will happen for her care in the near future.