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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Prayer for the development of an advocacy team for Brian and Cynthia Fouts in Romania, and someone local to Boise to lead it.

  • Would you please pray for the deliverance and salvation of my 18 year old prodigal daughter Gracie who is bound in a demonic stronghold of bulimia drugs and immorality. Thank you so very much for caring and sharing this heavy burden for her lost soul.

  • Pray for me that I would have more stamina to do my job well.

  • Pray for the closure of Planned Parenthood.

  • Pray that I will keep my eyes on the Lord, and patiently wait on Him. Pray for housing and salvation for my mother-in-law. Pray for peace and harmony in our house until this season changes.

  • Please pray for me. I've been in a long relationship with a man who brought me to God and helped me to see the need for Jesus in my life. Initially, he told me that God could heal my past that led me to look in the wrong places for validation. But, now that I actually believe him and have made a change in almost everything I do, he can't understand how it's true. He questions the very healing power of God that he promised me. His own past keeps him from trusting me. Please pray that I can find the strength to pick myself back up without falling into old habits and that my faith and conviction won't waver. Please pray for him that he finds whatever he's looking for. I love him and I want him happy and on the path God has for him.