Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray the doctor can diagnose why I blanked out for a moment while driving on September 9.

  • Pray for safety for my husband as he travels back east to visit his grandmother who is not doing well. Pray that even with all the upheaval with the hurricane, that he would be able to see her before she passes.

  • Brian and Cynthia Fouts, our missionaries in Romania, ask for prayer for their kids as they return to school. This year Sedona will begin grade 8, which is an important school year for her due to exams at the end of the year for high school.

  • Please pray for healing and reconciliation in my sister’s marriage.  She and her husband have separated and he has stopped meeting for counseling sessions.  Please pray for protection of their two young children.

  • Please pray for Angie, she was gearing up for a new treatment for her depression and is now experiencing debilitating migraines that are preventing her from being able to seek this new treatment.  Please pray for peace as she struggles with both depression and migraines.