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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for the church body to become brighter lights for Christ who stand out from the world we live in that is growing so distant from Christ. Please pray for the lost to seek truth and salvation in Jesus.

  • Have mercy. Please pray for my friend Veela who lost her husband. Give her strength. 

  • Pray for God’s wisdom for Rod to make all business decisions, ramping up. He is feeling overwhelmed. Pray for us as a family to let God totally fill us for His good work.

  • Pray for my sister-in-law who is dying of cancer. Give the family comfort when she passes.

  • Nate asks that we pray for his dad Jay. Please pray that he would accept Christ as Lord and Savior. He is 75. His balance is not good lately. I love him. I deeply desire for Christ to save him.