Daily Prayer Requests

  • A non-Christian refugee family has recently endured a great tragedy. The father recently caught fire over his entire body. He has 3rd degree burns over the whole of it. He is getting care for them at a hospital which specializes in burn care. The doctors have tried to prepare the family that he will likely die, but they are having hope he will survive. Please ask for God’s comfort and peace to come upon them. Pray for God to give the family and the doctors wisdom on the father’s care. Pray God’s will be done, and that the family would turn to Christ and be saved. Please pray for strength for the eldest daughter and her husband as they are shouldering most of the burden with her father’s care at this time.

  • Please pray for my husband’s grandmother. She is in the ER in Florida, not eating or drinking much. Her feet and ankles are very swollen and she’s sleeping most of the time.

  • Maria to be confident in the truth and to be protected from the attacks of the enemy regarding the situation with her daughter's church and the doctrines of generational curses. Pray for Maria to be filled with wisdom to know how to best manage the situation with her daughter, Eliza, and please pray for Eliza to have her eyes opened to the bondage that these doctrines impose on people. 

  • Pray for the Lord to provide someone to help with worship for Calvary Chapel Rome, as their worship leader is leaving to do a year of university in Spain.

  • Please pray for Whitney (our missionary in Slovenia) today, as she continues to grieve over the death of her cousin. The funeral is today and she is praying that she will be able to Skype or FaceTime so she can be part of it. Pray for the Lord to comfort her heart during this difficult time.