Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my sister Kim and her husband Stephen. She sent him divorce papers which he just received. Please pray for a miracle in their marriage, that God would work in their hearts and they would both surrender to God with their whole hearts and seek to honor Him with their lives.

  • Pray for the employment search for three friends who have been jobless since March.

  • Magdalena asks that we pray that she receives the wisdom, truth, and light of God to write her books, and to heal her brain injury so she doesn’t go blind. Pray also for the spiritual gifts and powers to defeat the enemy/evil spirit that bothers her mind. Pray that her son would be close to her.

  • Please pray for Louis, for peace of mind and deliverance from paranoia.

  • Please pray for Harriet and her husband Manuel, and their little family of two daughters and son-in-law. Harriet suffers strange swelling of feet and legs (edema), and she needs healing from a shoulder ache. Please pray for permanent healing from asthma/CPOD, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Pray that she would be strengthened in her body, and that every weakness would leave. Pray that she would have the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the ability to retain the word. Please pray also for financial provision.

  • Please pray for Manuel for healing from asthma/ CPOD. He also suffers chest congestion. He is unable to walk, and walks only few steps with difficulty. Please pray for God’s protection spiritually and physically for his family. Pray also for their finances, they are in need right now.

  • Pray for healing and comfort for Martha, Juliana, Thomas, Steve, Rebecca, Thomas, Bessie, Lydia, Mary, and Comfort.

  • Ben is seeking divine intervention and breakthrough in his purchased land conflict. Also, breakthrough in his construction projects.

  • Benjamin and his wife and nephew have been urgently seeking employment opportunities, but without success. Please pray that God would provide for them.

Pray for academic breakthrough for Dennick.