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Daily Prayer Requests

  • A man who has been a member of Calvary Boise for many years was in a serious accident. Please pray for healing of his 16 ribs, L1 vertebrae, both lungs, liver. He is on a respirator and is being kept asleep. Please pray also that his medical staff make the best possible decisions and that he comes out of this with a new love and appreciation of life, not focusing on things that don't really matter.

  • Please pray for Derrick. He’s being treated for a brain tumor and has lost 50 pounds and is only able to function a few hours each day. Pray he will regain strength. His treatment can cause other cancers. Pray he will be fully healed. 

  • Pray for 10-year-old Travis who has serious blood issues that the doctors have not been able to diagnose. He has had transfusions to no avail and now is facing bone marrow testing. 

  • Luke struggles so with alcoholism and is back in the hospital. He knows and loves Jesus. Pray for miraculous healing and personal safety. Pray also for his wife and daughter. 

  • Pray for a Christian woman who seriously disapproves of her son-in-law and his family. Pray she can see them with God’s eyes.  This is creating a rift with her daughter. 

  • Pray for a man running from legal issues. He is very afraid. 

  • Pray for my son Ryan who is having a difficult time feeling wanted, needed, necessary, and valuable. Pray that he would start becoming productive again, and that he would be an active servant of Christ. Pray that he would live life with a purpose without drugs, denial, and anger.

  • Pray for salvation and baptism for Eben, Alvia, Miguel, Jones, Rosina, Barnabas, and Enock.

  • Pray for Scott, who has two sons and a new granddaughter. He is facing some financial challenges and misunderstandings from a recent visit with his family. He took vacation without pay and has made financial mistakes.

  • Please pray for my sister-in-law Rachel. She moved out of my brother's house in April and doesn’t want to reconcile. She states that this decision has nothing to do with her relationship with Christ. Please pray for her that the Lord would draw her close to Him and reveal His love and speak truth into her life.